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5 Eco-Friendly tips and tricks for your next move...

Everyone knows it is stressful, expensive, and time consuming to pack up your place and move.  Let me tell you it doesn't have to be.  You will be surprised at how your neighbors and community are helpful.  Don’t be shy go out there and ask your community for help.

1.        BOXES- Where and How to get them!

When I was moving, I was on a mission to get boxes for packing without having to pay for them.  On average 60 boxes are used in any given move… that is about a half-ton tree.  I don't believe in buying boxes to just throw away again.  The great thing is all your local stores get shipments in boxes and they are more than happy to get rid of them.  I went to CVS, the local deli, Payless shoe store, pet stores, and clothing stores.  All of them were more than happy to give me their boxes that they were just going to toss out.  CVS even saves their boxes for customers that are moving.  So, don’t be afraid ask them!!!

Half the boxes I gathered from local shops in my area!

Half the boxes I gathered from local shops in my area!


2.       PACKING SUPPLIES - Amazon, need I say more?

Yes, Amazon is the way to go for this stuff because you can get great deals in bulk.  So, this saves money and time from going out looking for supplies.  What you need is packing tape and a roll of shrink wrap (use sparingly and recycle it when unpacking).


3.       ECO FRIENDLY PACKING SUPPLIES - Think out of the box!

Packing supplies are wasteful and just end up in landfills.  Try using items you already have.  Pack your drinking glasses in your socks then place them in the liquor boxes with dividers that you got. Use T-shirts, pillow cases, and other soft items to pack breakables.  You can also use newspaper and magazines to pack items and to fill space in boxes.


4.       PURGE ITEMS BEFORE PACKING - Let it go already!

We all know you have items that have just seen a better day.  Why transport them to just through away in the new place.  Purge/Recycle items like Tupperware that is missing tops or are stained. Empty and combine medicine bottles and toiletries.  We all save those testers thinking we are going to use them… I bet you haven't!!! Throw them out or commit to using them all in your last week at the old place.


5.       SELL and DONATE ITEMS BEFORE MOVING -  It gives you space in new place to see what you need!

Take great pictures before you start packing everything up.  Post your items on Ebay, Craigslist, or if in an apartment building use your Residential E-portal.  Unload this stuff before you move otherwise you are paying to move the items on top of spending money on new items that will work better for your new home.  As for donating?  Don’t just drop off at Salvation Army, take a second to look up a local shelter that can truly use the items.


Choosing to be conscious and green while moving is Awesome, so way to go! Now that you have a good base to start the move have fun with it!  Put some good music on pop a bottle of wine and dive in.  These tips will be so helpful in reducing the stress and time you spend on decided how to tackle the projects of packing ahead of you.