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Advice for a Stress-Free Moving Day

IT’S MOVE IN DAY!!! Which means boxes, bubble wrap and plenty of bending and lifting. Moving can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be when you have an actionable plan.

Establish a Plan

Start out with an easy-to-follow system to track and organize your boxes once they are packed up. This is a lifesaver once your boxes have been transported into your new place so you can avoid opening up a box of silverware in the master bedroom and pillows in the kitchen. Use our simple packing guide (quick download below) to keep track each box and its contents. Our easy-to-follow guide will allow you to know exactly where all your items are BEFORE you start unpacking. Talk about a time saver!


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Now that you’ve got all your boxes in the right room, it’s time to start unpacking. Follow these four steps to help make the rest of the moving process a breeze:

1. Start with the Room that has the most boxes - This will probably be your kitchen or office.  Doing this will help you feel like you got a lot done when you complete this area.

2. Recycle - Use one of your unpacked boxes to collect the paper, plastic wrap, and any loose cardboard.  Break down all boxes and pile them up to bring to your recycling area.

3. Cleaning - Have a wet towel to wipe down items (if wrapped in Newspaper) or if you want to run them through the dishwasher at this stage instead of before packing. You can also use Clorox wipes.  To make more wipes use the paper towels used in packing dishes. (When packing dishes pack them on their side with a paper towel in between each dish.) Put the paper towels in the bottom of the Clorox container to soak up the extra solution.  Now you have more wipes!

4. Time - No matter how much time you have to unpack it tends to create a mess.  My suggestion is to save the last 30 min to an hour to straighten up everything, stack up left over boxes, check off boxes completed on the spread sheet, and get recycling in order.

Need help organizing your home in preparation for a move? Or perhaps you recently moved into your new place and are looking for interior design help. Send me a note or give me a call at (833)491-4743.