Story of my Interior Design Company

Hello, I am Lindsay Hannan the owner and designer of The Conscious Curator.  I started my career in fashion design over 15 years ago but have come to realize that is was difficult to find an environmentally conscious fashion company to work for. Because of that struggle, I decided to not only branch off on my own but also to shift my talents to the home. 

I grew up re-arranging furniture with the women in my family during the holidays as well as refinished furniture with my father.  Throughout the years of traveling all over the world, I found myself always looking for interesting antiques and trinkets for my home. Whether it was an antique to freshen up, a piece of furniture to redo, or a unique textile to make decorative pillows out of I would add it to my every day interior style.  While growing a passion and love for sustainability I decided to combine it all together and create The Conscious Curator. 

I have spent the past 2 years cultivating and honing my skills for interior design to bring this company to all of you.  The Conscious Curator is a unique kind of one stop shop for all your home and office interior needs.  We focus on the visual aspect of your space but also make sure that it is as functional as possible for our clients.  The Conscious Curator does Interior Design start to finish, home staging, professional organizing and has a shop filled with handmade and antique home goods to buy.

Our Interior Design services offer rearranging furniture, redecorating rooms, styling your walls, seasonal updates, new color schemes, re-purposing items, and refinishing furniture.  We pride ourselves on our creative and conscious approach to looking at your space in need and your items in it.  Our goal is to have you feeling confident in redoing your home or office.  We want nothing more than for you to love coming home.  We also help with moving and there will be lots of blog posts in the future about tips and trick to move sustainably.

We love to stage homes to sell or for the holidays.  Our Home Staging services enjoy working with the homeowner's furniture to make it work and to give the homeowners a stress-free experience.  Staging your home can truly make all the difference on selling it quicker.  We happily work within budgets and also realtors.  If your home is needing to be updated we can always look into doing some of the small stuff that will make a big impact.  Having all your family over for the holidays and want to impress them?  Our home staging services not only work with homes for sale but also to impress during the holidays!

Need to organize your life?  Then maybe the Professional Organizing services that The Conscious Curator offer would be the perfect fit for you.  We work with the KonMari Method where we focus on what brings you joy.  Tidying up your home or office can change your life in so many ways. While helping our clients purge items they no longer need and donating them to a local shelter of their choice.  We also train you and leave you with tips and tricks on keeping your space organized throughout the years.

Lastly but certainly not least, we have the curated collection of home goods.  In The Conscious Curator, the shop has unique items for your home and also great gift ideas.  I make decorative pillows that are hand beaded with different crystals to bring awareness and positive energy to your space.  We also sell other types of crystal décor like agate sliced coasters.  Our curated antique collection includes candelabras, trays, dish sets, and much more.  In the shop, we also have watercolor paintings that are painted by yours truly!  These watercolor paintings can also be transferred to my pillows.

I am so excited about this new venture of mine and can't wait to bring you all along for the ride with me.  My blog is going to give you all tips and tricks, DIY projects, before and after projects, home décor techniques and so much more.  Please always feel free to comment and give me your ideas on what you want to know about.  Looking forward to interacting with all of you and giving you my many years of interior tricks!

Watercolor painting transferred to an organic cotton twill pillow.

Watercolor painting transferred to an organic cotton twill pillow.